Viktor Basharkevich

Software Engineer

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About Me

I'm currently studying computer science at Columbia University in New York City. I work at JPMorgan & Chase as a Software Engineer Intern.

I love building out software. My skills include frontend/backend web development, DevOps and machine learning.

Reach out for business opportunities or just to chat:

Email: basharkevichv at gmail dot com

My Skills

Python Django/DRF Java C/C++ HTML/CSS JavaScript TypeScript React Angular Linux/UNIX Git Azure AWS


Website Builder & Hosting

Gif of Krkly in action

Build a static site with Markdown and have it hosted on your own subdomain at Blazing fast with static hosting on AWS's CDN.

Video Showcase

Vim for Google Docs

Gif of Vim for Google Docs in action

Supercharge your typing experience in Google Docs with Vim for the ultimate productivity boost. Try it on the Chrome Web Store today!

Chrome Webstore Video Showcase


Gif of MarketEye in action

Find the sentiment of all stocks in the S&P 500 using machine learning and web scraped data from Twitter!

Website GitHub Code Video Showcase

ML Personality Matching

Gif of Krkly in action

Cofounded Match with similar people using a machine learning matching algorithm. 200+ users, 200+ matches, 5,000+ pageviews.

Sorting Visualizer

GIF of sorting visualizer

Visualizes several sorting algorithms with adjustable speed. Made in JavaScript, demonstrates understanding of Data Structures/Algorithms.

Website GitHub Code